Music: Multi-instrumentalist (piano, bass, guitar, violin, West African percussion), with over 40 years experience of live performance, recording, and production.

Academia: Visiting academic at the University of Gothenburg in Sweden, focusing on the seman­tic analy­sis of lang­uage, and associated metho­do­logic­al quest­ions.


  • Performing

    Multi-instrumentalist (keys, guitar, bass, violin, West African percussion), currently focusing on electric bass, with experience of live performance and recording.

  • Production

    Mixing of tracks, arrangement of additional parts, FXs, VSTs etc. for small scale recording projects and demos.
    (From £30/hr, contact for details).

  • Teaching

    Beginner to intermediate electric bass. Western music theory and notation.
    (From £15/30min, contact for details).

Sample Recordings & Performances

Instrument servicing

  • Electric Guitar and Bass

    Basic setup (from £20).
    Fret levelling and dressing (from £30).
    Rewiring, upgrading shielding (from £25).

  • Djembes

    Reskinning (from £60).
    Re-oiling shells (from £20).
    Repairing cracked shells (from £20).


Over 30 years research experience working on the analysis of language and meaning.

  • 4 Books
  • 32 Articles and Chapters
  • 52 Conference Proceedings
  • 13+ Reports and Whitepapers
  • £15M+ Grant Funding